Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7/14/09 "My BIG Break"

So I have a Girlfriend that has been a MUA for awhile now (Alexx) and I've always asked her " how did you get your name out there?" and she replied through a website called Model Mayhem.. Now my  friend being so talented that she is she is also Beautiful and she keeps on getting asked to be a model, so this time she decided to and asked me if I liked to come along and see what a photoshoot is like? Hell YES! so we get there and I was all nervous and she turns to me and says "ok, do my makeup!" Ummm, ok ... I was sooo scared that she wasnt going to like it, the photographer Michael Balasko   was going to think I was an idiot.. But to my surprise it was the best and funniest experience ever!

We shot in Downtown Las Vegas in a random Alley way behind Beauty Bar

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