Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ruthless Cosmetic Haul & Review

So Im a Big fan of an Artist that goes by the name of Callowlilly and when I was looking thru her website I noticed that she had links to some work she has done for some cosmetic companies. She not only has done Ruthless Cosmetics logo but the amazing BITCHSLAP Cosmetics too! So when I saw her links I clicked unto Ruthless and was impressed by not only the logos but these new palettes that Ive never seen before called Paintwheels. So I decided to get a palette that has 3 different Pans in it. What I really like is that they have 8 different wheels to choose from for $40.00 USD plus I got to choose what logo would be placed unto the palette. There was 3 different logos to choose from it was so hard to choose since I thought all were so sick.. I decided to get the Pink Hair girl for this palette.


Also purchased a Quad named High Maintenance. I really thought the colors would be great for spring that is coming up and I was right. I did a look using this palette and I will say that I tried to put just an eye primer down then apply the shadow over but in my case the colors were not pigmented enough for me so I will suggest apply a white Base first so you can get the richness of the color.  
I also Purchased a lip gloss called Callalilly for $8.00 USD
Something that I noticed is that on ALL the products theres NO NAME on them? So unless I went to their website I wouldnt know what they were :(

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MAC STUDIO FX DUPE? ELF Pressed Powder Review

So every week I get  promotional emails from E.L.F. saying that they have new things in or having a HUGE sale. In this case they were having a 50% off sale on their whole Studio Line. Which was awesome cause even though their products are extremely low priced this helped out my wallet since I was going to buy every shade they had for the pressed powder.

Now there's 6 different shades to choose from. When I swatch ed the products I was so impressed with how silky they were. Very pigmented and extremely build able.
I loved how stylish and sleek the casing is. When you first open it you notice the small mirror which is Very convenient for travel and the logo pressed into the powder its self. Also when you bend the mirror all the back the bottom of the powder pops up and theres a hidden puff underneath, which I thought was nice. I dont like using puffs very much since they can carry bacteria but if I ever need a quick touch up and Im not at home or a Powder brush near by then I will deft use this.

$3.00 USD

Now I was watching another Beauty Guru's Video her name is Lil' Kiva. Her video was on how she thinks she found a dupe for MAC Cosmetics Studio FX Pressed Powder. I was so shocked on the coverage and price that I had to get one for myself and when I found out that ELF was having a 50% off sale I decided that I wanted to get EVERY color for my Freelance Makeup kit plus to show ALL of you guys the real colors.

Now I noticed that even though their lightest shade is Porcelain it is still pretty dark. So if your very fair skinned this is prob not the product for you unless you want a lil kick of color for the summer :)

I will say for $1.50 ($3) this is an awesome product to have and a MUST HAVE!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clarisonic Dupe? Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System


Thursday, March 10, 2011

The *NEW* Urban Decay Naked Palette & 24/7 JACKPOT

So when Urban Decay first came out with the NAKED PALETTE I was totally stoked to get one, but as most of you guys know that it was nearly impossible to get your hands on one unless you pay almost $100 for one on Ebay or Amazon (uhh,NO). So I decided I would wait till they emailed me and get it when it was back in stock.. well 6 months later I finally got my hands on one and its a new and improved Naked Palette. It has all the same 12 shades but instead of the duo 24/7 eyeliner pencil it comes with their Full sized Good Karma Shadow Brush ($26 value).

the Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot liner kit ($39). It comes with nine travel-sized Glide-On Eye Pencils and one full-sized Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero.
The colors include Eldorado (a gold), Stash (a greenish gold), Mildew (a dark green), Electric (a bright aquamarine), Binge (a navy blue), Ransom (a bright iridescent purple), Rockstar (a dark eggplant), Gunmetal (a gunmetal gray with silver glitter), Whiskey (a dark brown) and Zero (a dark black).

ULTA Haul + FREE Gift

So ULTA was running a Special if you purchase $17.50 worth of ULTA cosmetics you get a choice of 3 different makeup bags full of goodies ($88 value) for FREE! So I had to jump on this before it was sold out..

Now the eye shadows I'm really impressed with. Their very pigmented and with a good base they stay put too.

This is a swatch of Revlon PhotoReady Liquid Foundation in #006 Medium Beige

 This is ULTA Cream Foundation Compact in Nude Beige


The free gift bag had some amazing stuff inside. I know in my video I forgot to mention that it also comes with a blush In Adore and a small mirror and a miniature nail polish.


Too Faced vs MAC

So I recently ran out of MAC's CLUB eyeshadow and I happen to mention it to a friend of mine and she said Too Faced has a shadow that is very similar to CLUB called LABEL WHORE. So I went to my local ULTA and swatched label whore and OMG it looked soo much like CLUB. So I had to buy it and swatch it next to MAC's.
Ok people as you can see there isnt that much of a difference between the two. But of course the first thing you see is the size difference. 

*MAC is 1.5g and Too Faced is 2.5g so almost twice the size!!
*MAC is $14.50  and Too Faced is $16.00 but you gotta remember TF is more product

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Revlon ColorStay & PhotoReady Review & Swatches

So If you already couldnt tell since Ive been blasting it everywhere that Ive found a new a Foundation that I LOVE!!! I bought all the colors I could find for my Professional Makeup Artist kit and I must say it AMAZING!!!
Its Revlon's PhotoReady Pressed powders & Revlon's ColorStay Mineral Mousse foundation!!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Cocktail Anyone?

VH1's Reality TV Star

SO I met up with this young talented Photographer named Zackery Williams aka Retro aka Kanye (JK) and he was telling me that he has this shoot with this reality star named Joanna Hernandez aka Cocktail from the VH1 Reality Show Love of Ray J. Oh, OK this could be tight if shes anything like Frenchy from VH1 Show Bret Michaels Rock of Love then I'll have a kick ass time. Let me just say JoJo is one cool ass chick. She had me cracking up the whole 4 hour photo shoot.. The whole crew meshed real well together even when the sun went down and i had to do makeup by flashlight we still rocked it!


Cocktails Hosting Event @ JET Nightclub
So I Rocked it so Hard last photoshoot for Joanna the she asked me to do her makeup for her Hosting gig at JET nightclub in the Mirage. This was a cool ass job. Not only was I doing her makeup I was also doing Erika Davids makeup too. Erika was singing her new single "MY HEELS" at the VIP event! So Im starting to do JoJo's makeup and then all of sudden her manager Matt Cali says to me "Ok, can you finish her makeup on her Live Web Stream?" Shit, Hell Ya. have 1000's of people watch me do Joanna's makeup!? Couldn't ask for a better opportunity.

Click pictures to Enalrge

So were dancing the night away having a kick ass time when I realize that weve moved the party to Eddie Murphy's VIP Booth!! Hell Yay sippin Crystal, dancing on top of the booth, what a Kick Ass Night!