Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eyes Of FIRE!

So I'm absolutely in Love with Artist that goes by the name Callow Lily and I happen to see one of her paintings and I thought it was so flippin cool. So I decided to Bust out my SUGARPILL Cosmetics and do My Interpretation  on it. I went out that night and ALL of my friends loved the way it came out so I decided that I'll do a Video Tutorial on it. So Stay Tuned

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shattered Rainbow

So I finally was able to get some OPI's Shattered nail polish on my hands (SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE) and decided that I wanted to put some fun funky colors as the Base color. So this is my version of a Shattered Rainbow.

Top Coat OPI Nail Strengthener
Revlon 901 Fuchsia Fever (Pink)
Sinful Colors 108 Timbleberry (Orange/Coral)
Nabi Neon Yellow
N.Y.C. 133A Purple Pizzazz Frost
Sally Hansen 300 White On
Sally Hansen 04 Blue Me Away!
Santee M12A Neon Green
Top Coat OPI Nicole'
OPI Black Shattered
Sally hansen DIamond Strength (Sparkles)


You want to apply a Base Coat of Choice. I'm Using OPI Nail Strengthener. 

Take any type of tape and take 2 small pieces and place them so theres a "V" shape in the middle.

Now take your color of choice and paint in the inner part where it exposed.

Take the tape off and let it dry for a lil bit more. It should look something like this.

Now with your other colors of choice try to be careful but fill in the blank spots with the remaining colors. Dont worry if you make a mistake I sure did I just had some Q-tips and remover handy.

Now take your OPI Black Shattered and apply a light coat over the whole entire nail. Now Ive made the mistake of putting to thick of a coat and when it was drying it came out really weird and I didnt like it. So use sparingly.

This is totally optional if you like just apply a top coat and your done. But I wanted to add a lil more UMPH to my nails so I used Sally Hansens Diamond Strength light coat and this was my Top Coat.


Friday, February 25, 2011

What girl doesnt like a Lil' SPARKLE!

So I took off my Hello Kitty nails (they needed a fill so bad) and decided to try a color I bought a few months back in the Burlesque Holiday OPI collection "Sparkle-icious". I really like this look. The only thing that was weird is when I washed my hair (it's red) the clear part of the nail polish turned a light pink? hmmmm didnt think it would stain. Oh Well I still like this look. Simple with a lil POW!

Covering up a Tattoo with Concealer

SO Today I purchased this Concealer that Ive been hearing Rave reviews on called HARD CANDY Heavy duty Camoflauge Concealer So when I tested it out I noticed the smell :( it smellsa lil like halloween face paint. Not to thrilled abotu the smell but OH MY the coverage was insane! I did get the wrong color but now I know what kind of coverage it has Im dewft going back to get the right shade.

I thought since sometimes on my job (Makeup Artist) I have to cover up tattoos why not see how great it will work on mine. So I did a tutorial on it >>>>>

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SUGARPILL Swatches & Review

So If you haven't already heard the buzz all over YouTube about this Newer Cosmetic Line "SUGARPILL", then you've been living under a rock! Ive been practically stalking other Beauty Bloggers & YouTubers on what they are talking about and what looks they've came up with! Ive Finally made mt First Purchase from Shrinkle (owner of SP) and Im telling you now I couldn't of been more excited to rip open the package and start playing with all the fun colors, But i restrained myself and busted out my camera because i knew ALL OF YOU would like to know about this cosmetic line as well. In the United States a typical MAC shadow will cost $14.50 for 1.5grams/.05oz of product.  That's roughly $9.66 per gram of eyeshadow.  Sugarpill Cosmetics sells their single eye shadows for $12.00 for 4 grams/ .14 oz of product.  That's roughly $3.00 per gram.  That's a large difference in price for an eyeshadow that is of the same or if not better quality than MAC.

CLICK HERE for Rihanna
Inspired Makeup Look using

So the first thing I noticed is the cute box that She shipped the products in. It had the cutest Blue Kitty Cat on it with the SUGARPILL logo on it. The products were wrapped in HOTT Pink tissue paper! The only thing that I didn't like is that maybe she should wrap the products in some type of bubble wrap, because when I opened my Burning Heart Palette I noticed that the Poison Plum (purple) was a lil damaged (assuming from shipping).

The First thing I opened were the 2 Quad Palettes "Burning Heart" & "SweetHeart". First Impression was "Holy $h*t, these colors are so B!tchin" All 8 colors were so Bright and Vibrant I didn't know which one to start with first.
            BURNING HEART                  


All Swatches were not used with a Base


So as you can see from the swatches how excited I was to bust open their CHROMA LUST Loose eye shadows in "Tiara" & "Goldilux". These 2 colors I got are so GNARLY! Extremely pigmented a little goes a long way.. You can use them by themselves or with water, eye drops, mixing medium etc.


I did get 1 pressed eye shadow in "Bulletproof". My only suggestion is if your using it by itself defiantly use a Base first. The color wasn't pigmented enough for me just by itself. 
I love how its a Matte Black not a black with damn shimmer in it *LAUGHING*

OMG Shrinkle even threw in a nice lil' surprise in my box! A sample of one of her loose eye shadows in "Tipsy". This color is very shimmery and light. Great to put over Midori..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rihanna S&M Music Video Inspired Makeup & Hair SUGARPILL

So Im absolutely in love with Rhianna's new music video S&M. I know she did about half a dozen different looks but this one is sick! I love the way her hair is and the bright bold colors she uses on her eyes with a pop of orange on her lips is GNARLY!

Foundation- ARBONNE
Powder- Revlon Photo Finish in Medium
Eyeshadow Primer- Too Faced SHADOW INSURANCE
SUGARPILL Shadows- Buttercupcake,Midori,AfterParty
Liquid Liner- ELF
Eyepencil- Lo'Real HIP in Black
Orange Lipgloss- NYX Orange eyeshadow & clear lipgloss

Friday, February 18, 2011


So for awhile now Ive had a lot of my Fans/Likes & Subscribers ask me what my thoughts on Eye Lips Face (E.L.F)? I had to admit that I have never tried anything from them and to be honest never really had the desire too, but you guys convinced me that just because their cheap that alot of their products are not cheap. So I decided what the heck & it helped that they were having a Valentines Day Special. 
So I got a BIG HAUL! Here's my thoughts and swatches
CLICK pictures to ENLARGE
 I will say with a great primer down these 3 shadows are great
colors. The only I found that was kinda a pain was they had
no name to them. So if I ever wanted to replace it I couldnt :( 

 The liner was very pretty when I swatched in on my hand,
but when I tried to apply it my eye it was very harsh and dry
Ok So I was VERY dissapointed with the mascara that was in this set!
As soon as I opened it on the Regular side the bristles stuck together
and the product was dry!!
The Top Row I noticed that the white was a matte white very nice and 
great highlighting. The 3 dark colors are very pigmented the black I like

Now I wasnt too impressed with the 1st quad of colors but the 2nd quad of colors 
are very pretty espically the last 2 dark brown family.
I will say this, All the shadows felt very silky to the touch


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things that go bump in the night

So once again me and Elizabeth Parker collab'd together for our take on Classic Horror Brides SheWolf,Frankenstein & Dracula..

CLICK HERE to see ALL Images


So Today is Valentine's Day and I received my Feb Birchbox! OMG what a great gift to get on VDay! Whats even more exciting is this months Box they put NARS in it!!!
*If your not familiar with BIRCHBOX its a company where you sign up for a subscription of $10 a month or $100 for 1 full year and each month you receive 4-5 different deluxe samples from AMAZING companies like NARS, Too Faced, Bare Minerals, Benefit & MANY MORE!



I just washed my face with the Befine and I will say for the most part I really liked it. At first it was a lil too greasy for me but after I rinsed it all away my skin felt silky.

I hate to say that I did not enjoy the sweetriot chocolate. I really dont like coffee.