Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SUGARPILL Swatches & Review

So If you haven't already heard the buzz all over YouTube about this Newer Cosmetic Line "SUGARPILL", then you've been living under a rock! Ive been practically stalking other Beauty Bloggers & YouTubers on what they are talking about and what looks they've came up with! Ive Finally made mt First Purchase from Shrinkle (owner of SP) and Im telling you now I couldn't of been more excited to rip open the package and start playing with all the fun colors, But i restrained myself and busted out my camera because i knew ALL OF YOU would like to know about this cosmetic line as well. In the United States a typical MAC shadow will cost $14.50 for 1.5grams/.05oz of product.  That's roughly $9.66 per gram of eyeshadow.  Sugarpill Cosmetics sells their single eye shadows for $12.00 for 4 grams/ .14 oz of product.  That's roughly $3.00 per gram.  That's a large difference in price for an eyeshadow that is of the same or if not better quality than MAC.

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Inspired Makeup Look using

So the first thing I noticed is the cute box that She shipped the products in. It had the cutest Blue Kitty Cat on it with the SUGARPILL logo on it. The products were wrapped in HOTT Pink tissue paper! The only thing that I didn't like is that maybe she should wrap the products in some type of bubble wrap, because when I opened my Burning Heart Palette I noticed that the Poison Plum (purple) was a lil damaged (assuming from shipping).

The First thing I opened were the 2 Quad Palettes "Burning Heart" & "SweetHeart". First Impression was "Holy $h*t, these colors are so B!tchin" All 8 colors were so Bright and Vibrant I didn't know which one to start with first.
            BURNING HEART                  


All Swatches were not used with a Base


So as you can see from the swatches how excited I was to bust open their CHROMA LUST Loose eye shadows in "Tiara" & "Goldilux". These 2 colors I got are so GNARLY! Extremely pigmented a little goes a long way.. You can use them by themselves or with water, eye drops, mixing medium etc.


I did get 1 pressed eye shadow in "Bulletproof". My only suggestion is if your using it by itself defiantly use a Base first. The color wasn't pigmented enough for me just by itself. 
I love how its a Matte Black not a black with damn shimmer in it *LAUGHING*

OMG Shrinkle even threw in a nice lil' surprise in my box! A sample of one of her loose eye shadows in "Tipsy". This color is very shimmery and light. Great to put over Midori..

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