Thursday, June 30, 2011

ELF Mineral eyeshadow review & Haul

So once again I took advantage of ELF's secret Summer sale and purchased alot of their mineraal eyeshadows for cheap! Plus I got a few extra things.

SUMMER SECRET SALE: http://bit.ly/m0y6St ENDS 7/4/11

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Sweet: is a pink champagne

Elegant: Bright shimmer champagne

Dreamy: Bright Teal

Beachy: Gorgeous Midnight Blue

earthy: Shimmer Green with gold undertones

Celebrity: Taupe champagne

Sassy: a deep taupe

Socialite: Brown with silver undertones

Tropical Teal: Dark Teal (not very impressed *must use wet*)

Fearless: Bright Red

Classy: Light pink

☆✰⋆ Military Inspired: Green Smokey eye⋆✰☆ E.L.F

I have some friends that are in the Military so I was inspired by these brave Men & Women to do a Military Makeup Look. Its a beautiful Green Smokey eye using ALL ELF cosmetics

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Fruit Cocktail Nails http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w5TfBs3Kv4
ELF Pressed powder DUPE?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxY7LlZ3zL8

ELF foundation "caramel"
ELF powder "caramel"
ELF "eye lid primer"
MAC paint pot "constructivist"
ELF mineral eyeshadow "Socalite,earthy,celebrity"
ELF pressed "#90305"
ELF water proof eyeliner pen
Urban decay "mildew"
Lo'real Voluminous mascara
ELF lipstick "classy"

Summer Fruit Cocktail Nails

I saw these at Sally's and thought they would be so cute for summer.
*warning* I'm not the best at nails so please dont leave negative comments on how i need to clean stuff up etc. thank you

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Growth Spurt nail strengthener : http://bit.ly/jBEwdA
ORLY nail polish "GumDrop" : http://bit.ly/jMdfCy
Fruit Wheel Nail deco : http://bit.ly/iXH7Mc
Seche Vite Top Coat: http://bit.ly/jgGPmk

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HAUTE LUXXOR Product Review

Im so excited to do this review for you guys. I received some products from HAUTE LUXXOR and they were more than generous in what they sent me. This company has got some great VERY pigmented products + FREE shipping on all orders over $25. Also whats great is they have a HAUTE deal of the week where that 1 item is 50% OFF!

Now unto the items. She asked me to go unto her website and choose a few pigments that i would like to review. OMG so exciting.
So I choose:
POSH this is a silver pigment with lots of payoff. I think it reminds me alot of Tiara by sugarpill. I think this is used best foiled.

MEDUSA this is an amazing green pigment with yellow/gold reflex in it

PROMISCUOUS (love this name) This is by far my favorite color out of the bunch. Its a beautiful teal color but with green emerald reflex. AMAZING foiled

DRESSMAKER this is NOT a Pigment but a HAUTE Glitter. I was so excited when I saw this that i really didn't pay attention the the *warning* These are high-quality micronized metallic glitters for your face & body.
*Use caution in or around the eye area*
Im so glad that HL put a warning label on the bottom of  the product or I would of never known THANK YOU

CORAL SEAS PALETTE I really like this palette alot.. I can tell that she presses these herself because the softness is insane. I noticed that when I received the package that the shimmer white color had sorta broke. thats how soft they are. I love how pigmented they are. The coral & teal color are my fav out of this palette. Swatches are in the video

Last but surely not least The HAUTE OBSESSION Collection. This is a 3 tear stack. This is such a cool idea to stack these colors together because they compliment each other so well. Sultry is so beautiful all on its own. and Vintage Lace reminds me alot of Nylon by MAC its matte.

**Im defiantly going to be getting some more stuff from this company. Especially the pressed eye shadows

How to Heal & Conceal a SunBurn

So I was recently out at the lake & even though I put SPF 30 on my face i still got a GNARLY burn all my face. So i know I needed to make a video so I decided why not do one on how to heal & conceal that sunburn

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Cetaphil cleanser
CHANEL Hyrdamax + active moisturizer for dry skin
Napoleon Perdis Concealer set
MAC painterly paint pot
Hard candy Glamoflauge concealer
Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere' foundation
Polladio Baked bronzer
Pangea Chapstick

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cover Metropolitan Bride Magazine

So I had the honor of working with talented photographer Dixie Dixon again and this time she asked me if I would be apart of Met Bridal Magazine.. Heck Yes its an amazing bridal magazine with 100,000 of copies sold in the USA alone. This was such a fun shoot we went Techatticup Nelson NV where its got a an old western feel to it. there was 4 models and 3 different wardrobe changes. so I had to be quick on my feet to make sure we were on time. The pictures were shot by world re known ed wedding photographer Bambi Catrell.

HELP ME WIN a feature spread in FACEON Magazine

So Im in the running to get a featured Spread in world wide Makeup magazine FACEON. All I need is my amazing followers help If you CLICK HERE you can vote for me once a day, so please come back and vote everyday

Thank you LEILA

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blinged Out Zebra Nails

So I was at Sally Beauty Supplies the other day and this display case caught my eye. it's by Nail Bliss and it Bling Nail Appliques. AMAZING!!!! and so affordable only $3.99 Ive seen some at Sephora for $15 & Sally Hansen are $8.50.

Shop SallyBeauty.com!CLICK HERE to get it at Sallys

CLICK HERE to get from N.B

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

☼♥Flower Power Mask♥☼

I have had a few of you ask me how I did one of my models makeup for a photoshoot and Ive finally gotten around to doing it. This is such an awesome look to do for Mardi Gras,Halloween or dressing up.
MAKEUP BRUSHES I USED: http://bit.ly/mMsJar
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NYX HD foundation "Natural Beige"
Pink Blush
Sephora brown eye pencil
NYX jumbo pencil "Milk"
MAC Pigment "magenta madness"
SUGARPILL "butter cupcake,after party, poison plum, flame point"
Simply Kendra " Madd krush"
Madd Style "vortex,Phantasm"
Multi color glitter
Revlon Wild orchid lipstick

Monday, June 13, 2011

SinCity has MADD STYLE

So I had the pleasure of receiving from another independent Cosmetic line some Products to review and this time its from MADD STYLE COSMETIX. The owner is Amie Moderson aka Mo.
I remember seeing a video a while back on youtube abut this girl that made this amazing purple color for a client and if you've been watching my videos I love playing with purples. Well to my surprise it was this same company! She asked me to go to her site and pick a few colors that I would be interested in. I picked out 4 or 5 of them & when I received the package in the mail OMG she shipped so much more then I expected an extra 6 sample pans! THANK YOU!

All products are:
♥ is 100% vegan. 100% worth it.
♥ is cruelty-free.
♥ comes PACKED FULL in a 5g sifter jar for $5.00!
♥ uses only high quality ingrediants.
♥ uses only cosmetic grade and fda approved minerals.
♥ is made of 100% pure minerals.
♥ is made with love!

♥ 10% off all orders with coupon code: MADDCATS

Here are the ones that I picked out for my self

SPOOKY GIRL: is a shimmery black with a FRIGHTENING amount of BLACK hollographic glitter

Mr. Roboto: is a super SHINING SILVERY-silver with glitzy silver and holorgraphic glitter!!

Young Blood: is a deep magenta with silver sparkle.

Phantasm: is a purple with a pink iridescense filled with lots of rainbow glitz and silver holographic glitter!

Dirty Beatz: is a delicious chocolatey brown with copper red and gold shimmer!

These are the Sample Pans she picked out for me:

Seedless: FAV!! is a bubble gum pink with green glitter and a green duo chrome

Strange Potion:  is a soft orange with an intense pink duo chrome

Sugar Plum: is a shimmer plum purple with pink undertones

Vortex:  is a navy blue with a green iridescence and pink glitz. 

Space Oddity: is a deep navy with silver sparkle and holographic glitter

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting Married by Elvis

So a good friend of mine Sabrina Marsh is getting married to an amazing man Spencer Borghoff. She asked me if I would do her Hair and Makeup. Duhhhhh of course.

We first did a run Thur ( I recommend this to all my Brides so their not stressed out on their actual day). She was wanting an Old Hollywood feel. So we went with a darker neutral eye with a Nice Red Lip & the hair was a side messy bun and she had this incredible head piece that we attached to the headband.

Well the Big day came and Sabrina had a change of heart and wanted simple down curls with a nice smokey eye and nude lips. So thats what we did and I must say she was a knock out. She got married at Viva Las Vegas wedding Chapel and Elvis married them. Such a cute typical Vegas wedding.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So a great friend of mine that I've known since High school was attending this event called Zombie Prom here in Las Vegas and she asked me is i could make her up. She asked "can you make me gore but still sexy"? no prob girl thats my speciality..

Thursday, June 2, 2011


So if your a beauty video junkie like me, then you might of came across a Guru named Kendra or as we might know her by KVERZWYVELT. I remember coming across her channel a few months ago while I was looking up Mardi Gras Tutorials and I came across her awesome Mask Tutorial (CLICK HERE) and I noticed that the cosmetics she used was her very own that she makes herself.

So when I had the opportunity to receive some of her amazing,vibrant & cruelty Free Cosmetics I jumped right on it. Ok so I have to let you guys know how sweet & generous Kendra is. So she sent me a package with some pigments, sample baggies of her new collection a lip balm and a cute lil jolly rancher with an amazing nice letter, ok so here's where how sweet she is comes in. For some awful reason the darn package I never received it and weeks went by and I finally contacted her telling her this and she was shocked because the postal service told her I received it. OMG NO WAY??? So she said no problem Ill send you a new one with no hesitation or gripe about it. Well my darn luck 2 days later my darn neighbor shows up at my door and there you have it a pink zebra wrapped box addressed to me.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? So long story short I was honored to get 2 packages full of Kendra Cosmetics. I do want to note that I did receive this stuff for free. That WILL NOT change my opinion on how I feel about this line.

So What I decided to do is whatever I got duplicates of Im going to be hosting a Giveaway for my amazing viewers!

First I received samples from her Newest Collection Summer Warpaints


Krista-  This Jewled Jaded Green as Intense as it is Beautiful. High in  Shimmer  and ready for war!

 E=MC pink - You don't have to be Einstein  to know this hot pink. Bright and Bold shimmer pink.

Glitterbot-  Blue/Purple shade  with massive amounts of  pink eye safe glitter.  This shade has more Glitter in it than any other Simply Kendra Shade to date.  Because of this we highly recommend using this shade wet or foiled due to glitter fallout.
Madd Krush- Orange with undertones of pink & high in Shimmer. 

I so want to get the Full size of these colors

All i know is that I love all 4 colors. As soon as I got it the first thing I wore was a Deep Green Smokey eye using Krista.

Sample Bags= 0.5 grams  Full size= 3.grams & 5.grams

 Aztec Maiden: Is a one of my favorite colors out of everything. It reminds me of my Turquoise jewelry. Its very shimmer

Naughty Librarian: Is definatley my FAVORITE color! Its a Dark purple with fine multi colored glitter in it. I featured this color in my Aztec Cheetah Youtube Video CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Swamp Queen: Is a nice light green/yellow shimmer pigment. I think this will be great for your inner corner

Three Wishes: This is a pastel light yellow loaded with lots of shimmer in it.

 Voodeaux: Black Matte color loaded with multi-colored glitter. I applied this with a sealer to get the best payoff.

Mocha Diamond: Is pretty much what the name means. Its a light mocha shade with lots of shimmer. I used this shade in my Beach Bum Youtube Video CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Goddess: Is a Bronzey Brown shade

Cherry Kola: This is a Gorgeous Deep Red color. It sort of reminds me of Cranberry or Plum Dressing by MAC.

2nd swatch is foiled
Gypsy Rose: Is a very pretty Mauve color

Pink Magnolia: Light Pink

Smooch: Is a Pink Bubblegum 100% Vegan Soy Lip Balm. and when it says Bubblegum flavor thats EXACTLY what it is. It reminds me of Bubble Yum gum. This lip Balm is so soft and glides on so nicely unto my lips.
She also gave me Date Night which smells exactly like popcorn. I really dont think I would like to have something on my lips that smell like popcorn, soIm giving this in my Giveaway :)