Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HAUTE LUXXOR Product Review

Im so excited to do this review for you guys. I received some products from HAUTE LUXXOR and they were more than generous in what they sent me. This company has got some great VERY pigmented products + FREE shipping on all orders over $25. Also whats great is they have a HAUTE deal of the week where that 1 item is 50% OFF!

Now unto the items. She asked me to go unto her website and choose a few pigments that i would like to review. OMG so exciting.
So I choose:
POSH this is a silver pigment with lots of payoff. I think it reminds me alot of Tiara by sugarpill. I think this is used best foiled.

MEDUSA this is an amazing green pigment with yellow/gold reflex in it

PROMISCUOUS (love this name) This is by far my favorite color out of the bunch. Its a beautiful teal color but with green emerald reflex. AMAZING foiled

DRESSMAKER this is NOT a Pigment but a HAUTE Glitter. I was so excited when I saw this that i really didn't pay attention the the *warning* These are high-quality micronized metallic glitters for your face & body.
*Use caution in or around the eye area*
Im so glad that HL put a warning label on the bottom of  the product or I would of never known THANK YOU

CORAL SEAS PALETTE I really like this palette alot.. I can tell that she presses these herself because the softness is insane. I noticed that when I received the package that the shimmer white color had sorta broke. thats how soft they are. I love how pigmented they are. The coral & teal color are my fav out of this palette. Swatches are in the video

Last but surely not least The HAUTE OBSESSION Collection. This is a 3 tear stack. This is such a cool idea to stack these colors together because they compliment each other so well. Sultry is so beautiful all on its own. and Vintage Lace reminds me alot of Nylon by MAC its matte.

**Im defiantly going to be getting some more stuff from this company. Especially the pressed eye shadows

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