Thursday, June 2, 2011


So if your a beauty video junkie like me, then you might of came across a Guru named Kendra or as we might know her by KVERZWYVELT. I remember coming across her channel a few months ago while I was looking up Mardi Gras Tutorials and I came across her awesome Mask Tutorial (CLICK HERE) and I noticed that the cosmetics she used was her very own that she makes herself.

So when I had the opportunity to receive some of her amazing,vibrant & cruelty Free Cosmetics I jumped right on it. Ok so I have to let you guys know how sweet & generous Kendra is. So she sent me a package with some pigments, sample baggies of her new collection a lip balm and a cute lil jolly rancher with an amazing nice letter, ok so here's where how sweet she is comes in. For some awful reason the darn package I never received it and weeks went by and I finally contacted her telling her this and she was shocked because the postal service told her I received it. OMG NO WAY??? So she said no problem Ill send you a new one with no hesitation or gripe about it. Well my darn luck 2 days later my darn neighbor shows up at my door and there you have it a pink zebra wrapped box addressed to me.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? So long story short I was honored to get 2 packages full of Kendra Cosmetics. I do want to note that I did receive this stuff for free. That WILL NOT change my opinion on how I feel about this line.

So What I decided to do is whatever I got duplicates of Im going to be hosting a Giveaway for my amazing viewers!

First I received samples from her Newest Collection Summer Warpaints


Krista-  This Jewled Jaded Green as Intense as it is Beautiful. High in  Shimmer  and ready for war!

 E=MC pink - You don't have to be Einstein  to know this hot pink. Bright and Bold shimmer pink.

Glitterbot-  Blue/Purple shade  with massive amounts of  pink eye safe glitter.  This shade has more Glitter in it than any other Simply Kendra Shade to date.  Because of this we highly recommend using this shade wet or foiled due to glitter fallout.
Madd Krush- Orange with undertones of pink & high in Shimmer. 

I so want to get the Full size of these colors

All i know is that I love all 4 colors. As soon as I got it the first thing I wore was a Deep Green Smokey eye using Krista.

Sample Bags= 0.5 grams  Full size= 3.grams & 5.grams

 Aztec Maiden: Is a one of my favorite colors out of everything. It reminds me of my Turquoise jewelry. Its very shimmer

Naughty Librarian: Is definatley my FAVORITE color! Its a Dark purple with fine multi colored glitter in it. I featured this color in my Aztec Cheetah Youtube Video CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Swamp Queen: Is a nice light green/yellow shimmer pigment. I think this will be great for your inner corner

Three Wishes: This is a pastel light yellow loaded with lots of shimmer in it.

 Voodeaux: Black Matte color loaded with multi-colored glitter. I applied this with a sealer to get the best payoff.

Mocha Diamond: Is pretty much what the name means. Its a light mocha shade with lots of shimmer. I used this shade in my Beach Bum Youtube Video CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Goddess: Is a Bronzey Brown shade

Cherry Kola: This is a Gorgeous Deep Red color. It sort of reminds me of Cranberry or Plum Dressing by MAC.

2nd swatch is foiled
Gypsy Rose: Is a very pretty Mauve color

Pink Magnolia: Light Pink

Smooch: Is a Pink Bubblegum 100% Vegan Soy Lip Balm. and when it says Bubblegum flavor thats EXACTLY what it is. It reminds me of Bubble Yum gum. This lip Balm is so soft and glides on so nicely unto my lips.
She also gave me Date Night which smells exactly like popcorn. I really dont think I would like to have something on my lips that smell like popcorn, soIm giving this in my Giveaway :)


  1. :D Awwwww! Thanks for this Blog Review Leila! It made my day! xo

  2. @simply kendra oh im so glad to hear you like the review, ill be doing a giveaway/review on Youtube shortly

  3. I just loving how vibrant those colors are :)!!

  4. @amanda-mandie-sweet cherry me too!