Monday, June 13, 2011

SinCity has MADD STYLE

So I had the pleasure of receiving from another independent Cosmetic line some Products to review and this time its from MADD STYLE COSMETIX. The owner is Amie Moderson aka Mo.
I remember seeing a video a while back on youtube abut this girl that made this amazing purple color for a client and if you've been watching my videos I love playing with purples. Well to my surprise it was this same company! She asked me to go to her site and pick a few colors that I would be interested in. I picked out 4 or 5 of them & when I received the package in the mail OMG she shipped so much more then I expected an extra 6 sample pans! THANK YOU!

All products are:
♥ is 100% vegan. 100% worth it.
♥ is cruelty-free.
♥ comes PACKED FULL in a 5g sifter jar for $5.00!
♥ uses only high quality ingrediants.
♥ uses only cosmetic grade and fda approved minerals.
♥ is made of 100% pure minerals.
♥ is made with love!

♥ 10% off all orders with coupon code: MADDCATS

Here are the ones that I picked out for my self

SPOOKY GIRL: is a shimmery black with a FRIGHTENING amount of BLACK hollographic glitter

Mr. Roboto: is a super SHINING SILVERY-silver with glitzy silver and holorgraphic glitter!!

Young Blood: is a deep magenta with silver sparkle.

Phantasm: is a purple with a pink iridescense filled with lots of rainbow glitz and silver holographic glitter!

Dirty Beatz: is a delicious chocolatey brown with copper red and gold shimmer!

These are the Sample Pans she picked out for me:

Seedless: FAV!! is a bubble gum pink with green glitter and a green duo chrome

Strange Potion:  is a soft orange with an intense pink duo chrome

Sugar Plum: is a shimmer plum purple with pink undertones

Vortex:  is a navy blue with a green iridescence and pink glitz. 

Space Oddity: is a deep navy with silver sparkle and holographic glitter

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