Friday, February 18, 2011


So for awhile now Ive had a lot of my Fans/Likes & Subscribers ask me what my thoughts on Eye Lips Face (E.L.F)? I had to admit that I have never tried anything from them and to be honest never really had the desire too, but you guys convinced me that just because their cheap that alot of their products are not cheap. So I decided what the heck & it helped that they were having a Valentines Day Special. 
So I got a BIG HAUL! Here's my thoughts and swatches
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 I will say with a great primer down these 3 shadows are great
colors. The only I found that was kinda a pain was they had
no name to them. So if I ever wanted to replace it I couldnt :( 

 The liner was very pretty when I swatched in on my hand,
but when I tried to apply it my eye it was very harsh and dry
Ok So I was VERY dissapointed with the mascara that was in this set!
As soon as I opened it on the Regular side the bristles stuck together
and the product was dry!!
The Top Row I noticed that the white was a matte white very nice and 
great highlighting. The 3 dark colors are very pigmented the black I like

Now I wasnt too impressed with the 1st quad of colors but the 2nd quad of colors 
are very pretty espically the last 2 dark brown family.
I will say this, All the shadows felt very silky to the touch


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