Friday, March 4, 2011

Cocktail Anyone?

VH1's Reality TV Star

SO I met up with this young talented Photographer named Zackery Williams aka Retro aka Kanye (JK) and he was telling me that he has this shoot with this reality star named Joanna Hernandez aka Cocktail from the VH1 Reality Show Love of Ray J. Oh, OK this could be tight if shes anything like Frenchy from VH1 Show Bret Michaels Rock of Love then I'll have a kick ass time. Let me just say JoJo is one cool ass chick. She had me cracking up the whole 4 hour photo shoot.. The whole crew meshed real well together even when the sun went down and i had to do makeup by flashlight we still rocked it!


Cocktails Hosting Event @ JET Nightclub
So I Rocked it so Hard last photoshoot for Joanna the she asked me to do her makeup for her Hosting gig at JET nightclub in the Mirage. This was a cool ass job. Not only was I doing her makeup I was also doing Erika Davids makeup too. Erika was singing her new single "MY HEELS" at the VIP event! So Im starting to do JoJo's makeup and then all of sudden her manager Matt Cali says to me "Ok, can you finish her makeup on her Live Web Stream?" Shit, Hell Ya. have 1000's of people watch me do Joanna's makeup!? Couldn't ask for a better opportunity.

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So were dancing the night away having a kick ass time when I realize that weve moved the party to Eddie Murphy's VIP Booth!! Hell Yay sippin Crystal, dancing on top of the booth, what a Kick Ass Night!


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