Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Beauty Addiction Makeup Review

So Ive had a few of you guys on my FACEBOOK ask me if Ive ever heard of MY BEAUTY ADDICTION? and I was sorry to say that I haven't because when I checked them out OMG they had the biggest range of colors that I have ever seen for an small independent company. They care Makeup, perfume, and even body lotions & soaps ALL handmade!
I was so excited when I approached them to do a product review and she said YES! She asked me to pick out some colors but I told her that I thought all her stuff was amazing that I would leave that up to her. She even through in some products to giveaway to some of my viewers WOOHOO!


The 1 thing that I did ask for was their Shadow base poxy. I love trying new bases for my clients. I will say that this one i really wasn't impressed. you had to defiantly warm up the product to even get any to transfer and then it felt very oily. i was afraid it would cause creasing

BLACK MAGIC: Black Magic is a dark charcoal-black eyeshadow that twinkles with aqua/blue and purple glitter.

FIRECRACKER: Firecracker is a vivid red that is loaded with pink/red sparkles

OBLIVIAN:  Oblivion is a rich green with a golden under glow and loaded with golden & cop perish sparkles.

She also sent me one lipstick and this is from the color rich collection. Its loaded with Vitamin E and Shea Butter for a nourishing & healing lipstick that delivers maximum color.

DRAMA QUEEN: is a vivid fuchsia pink

SWISS CHOCOLATE: A deep rich brown

RUBIES & DIAMONDS:  super sparkly ruby red

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