Monday, October 22, 2012


So I recently went to a Bridal PRO clas at my PRO store here in Vegas & after the class  kinda went buck crazy for my freelance makeup kit.

Keep Reading for everything I bought

MAC Face & Body

This Foundation is Medium Coverage but is deft build able and is WATERPROOF! Face & Body is $32 for 120 ml/4 oz. Its great to use with a stippling brush (aka skunk brush) but i love it in my Airbrush Machine.


MAC Studio Sculpt

This foundation is prob one of my favorites. I use it on my more coverage brides or Clients. It does have SPF in it so if your taking photos I would suggest mattfying with a Powder or a Translucent powder. Studio Sculpt has a gel texture and dries down to a satin finish. It’s long-wearing, water-resistant. Studio Sculpt is $28, and that tube holds 40 ml.

 MAC Powder Blush

  So I needed an amazing Peach blush so I picked up "Warm Light" i noticed that this color is only a Pro color and is in free forum only, and Blunt was for contouring.

MAC Pencil Sharpener 
So I had missed placed or some one stole my favorite pencil from MAC so I HAD to replace it. I haven't found a sharpener that has held a candle to this one. it makes my pencils super sharp. It costs 8.00$
MAC Lipstick
So when I was in the store splurging I came across this amazing purple shade that was just screaming at me to pick up "violetta" and I hit the bottom of the tube of Viva Glam II

 Viva Glam II
RICKY MARTIN Lip Conditioner
This product is perfect for conditioning those dry lips in the fall season. I apply this first to my clients.

Eye Pencil
so I needed something not as harsh to put in the waterline especially for Brides. Sometime Black is to harsh.

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