Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10/07/09 10 Model High Fashion PhotoShoot

I'm exhausted from head to toe from doing a 2 day photoshoot with couture portraiture(Elizabeth). She wanted to have 10 different models made into 10 different animals! Ok, This will be a challange but I can do this.. So I got my good and fellow Beauty School Buddies Ray & Sadie to help me out and do the Hair, because some of the animals will be Latexd, and or Airbrushed from head to toe..

This was my first time using liquid Latex and let's just say I'll Prob be never using this again! I felt so bad for the model, because first off it was freezing going on plus being naked and then when it was time to come off there was no other way then to peel/rip it off. She was in so much pain it was like a mini waxing..YIKES

 The Animals Are:
  1. Coyote - KelsiKRose
  2. Peacock
  3. Snake - Ysania
  4. Polar Bear - Kiti Kobain
  5. Cheetah - Jensine
  6. Sphynx - Ann Marie Crockett
  7. Zebra - Court Hart
  8. Goldfish - Ashley Liberty
  9. Canary - Lindsey Mitchell
  10. Bat - Jazmin Noelanie

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