Wednesday, February 9, 2011

9/04/2009 Bring On The SUN

So me and My Family decided to go on Vacation in San Diego California and I thought to myself "Shoot, why not get some new scenery in my port". So I went and found 2 great photographers Johnathan P. and John R.  and two BEAUTIFUL models Kindra Marie and Ashley Valenzuela. Since Im not very familiar with the best places to shoot at in San Diego I gave the photographers free range to pick the best place possible. And they chose Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach CA great location.. SO me and the Fam show up and to my surprise there was a hair stylist there (thank goodness) and me and her got right to work.. So now the models are ready the photographers decided to pick the scariest place to get to ever! So thank goodness there was a guy there that could carry my 50 lbs. makeup case down the stairs and around a sketchy cliff. So I hope I have some Spiderwoman skillz because here I come..

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